Addix Is First To Market With A 6-Day “Time Definite” Delivery Service!!


Lowell, Michigan – July 10, 2020

Addix Moves To 6 Business Day Order-to-Delivery on All Products

Addix is first to market with a 6-Day “Time Definite” Delivery Service!!

More than 3 weeks ahead of schedule Addix unveils their six business day, order-to-delivery service. Addix has achieved a major milestone in the custom sportswear industry that is unprecedented. The new service is effective immediately.

That is not a misprint! Addix is now ensuring that your team’s custom uniform order will be in your hands six business days from the day it is ordered.

This order-to-delivery capability is unparalleled in the sublimated team uniform and apparel industry. Thanks to Addix’ U.S. domestic manufacturing footprint and the hard work of our dedicated team in Lowell, Michigan it is now possible.

“What underpins this unique service is the investment in People, Process and Technology that Addix made beginning in March of last year” , states Addix CEO Steve Dean. “We’ve made almost $1 million in investments in multiple new large-format calendar heat press’ and laser cutters, wide format printers, an express screen and state-of-the-art sewing equipment. This includes latex and fluorescent printing capabilities. We’ve implemented NetSuite to bolster our network ERP support and to improve decision making vis-a-vis predictive analytics. We purchased and modified an online Custom Uniform Builder “CUB” to enhance the customer experience. We’ve added 20+ new associates to our staff and have trained them utilizing LEAN basics on all of the new equipment and processes.”

Jarrod Whaley, Addix General Manager adds “We’ve been testing our speed to market for over a year now. It started in March of 2019 with a 17 day order to ship program, then 9 day order to ship in December of the same year. We piloted a 3 day order ship product in the spring of 2020. At every step we were able to surpass our expectations on delivery date and quality consistency. We’ve further optimized our speed by fostering a symbiotic relationship between our people, our process and our technology. It’s a definite game changer!”

Addix looks forward to providing the nation’s best order-to-delivery to your team for your next order. Visit to start your team’s next order.

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