Addix Turnaround Time Expanded – Update (8/31/2021)

Dear Customers,

The Addix Sportswear team is making the following service announcement:

Customers from all over the U.S. have come to us for our industry leading 6 business day delivery.  Our 6 Day delivery time until very recently has been steady at 99.97% on time.  For a temporary period of time, Addix is required to extend that delivery time from 6 business days to 15 business days effective immediately.

This is only temporary, and we look forward to returning to our 6 business day delivery once our supply lines and production are back to normal. This temporary measure is due to the following reasons:

  • Production materials are taking longer to receive than normal – both internationally and domestically.
  • Parcel carriers have had numerous delays and disruptions – both inbound and outbound.
  • Labor shortages that impact us directly and indirectly
  • It’s taking longer than the normal response time to have production machinery maintained – at times 3-6 weeks out for scheduling.
  • Sales volume is currently very high

We are trying to get out in front with our messaging so that our valuable customers understand.  While we are in this extended turnaround period we can still take your orders!  Email [email protected], watch our web-site or call 616-987-3364 for the most up to date information on delivery timing.

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