AGAGB Winner – Stoney Creek Supports Dutton Farm


The first Addix Great American Giveback game of the fall sports season is over. Stoney Creek High School Football (MI) won the red bracket of the 2019 Fall Great American Giveback contest and with it, 50 cause game jerseys for their Commitment to a Cause Game. This year, the Cougars’ decided their cause game would support Dutton Farm.

Dutton Farm, located in Rochester, Michigan, is “on a mission to celebrate, educate, and employ people with special needs.” Each player on the team wore custom Addix jerseys with the name of a member of Dutton Farm they were paired with on the back. The Dutton Farm students were on the sidelines cheering on the team that Friday.

In their entry to the Great American Giveback social media contest, Stoney Creek said this about the game: “Our game is all about bringing awareness to the community about local charitable causes, but also instilling in our elite young men the importance of giving back and inclusion. That is why the football team at Stoney Creek High School has decided to select Dutton Farm as its charity and “Partner for a Purpose” for its 2019 Cause Game! Coach Nick Merlo and the entire coaching/support staff have done an amazing job of instilling in our young men a sense of community, inclusion and acceptance. All our boys have been taught to find value in each individual and their unique talents. This all aligns beautifully with the mission at Dutton Farm of “Empowering adults with disabilities to live a life of purpose, dignity and inclusion.”

With the partnership they have created, Stoney Creek High School Football will gain the following:

• Opportunities for hands-on volunteering at Dutton Farm

• Dutton Farm presenting to the team on disability inclusion

• Dutton Farm attendance at SCHS home football games as dedicated cheering section

• Dutton Farm team members to volunteer for helping at home games

This is not going to be just one game for a cause, but a partnership for a life between these two organizations.”

The team spent hours getting to know the students at Dutton Farm, and the shared experiences between the players and students at Dutton Farm will last a lifetime. The Cougars were dominant on the field, defeating Troy Athens by a score of 42-7. They raised $2,100 to benefit Dutton Farm as well. ”It was an absolutely amazing experience. Our jerseys turned out great and the feedback from our players, their families, and our community was very positive. Our Commitment to a Cause Game would have not been the same without the help of Addix,” Head Coach Nate Merlo said.

The Dutton Farm students got to keep the jerseys after the game too!

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