AGAGB Winner – Winslow and Eme’s Army Shine

Our final Addix Great American Giveback winner of 2019 was the Winslow Bulldogs High School Football team in Arizona. Our first nomination in the entire competition, Winslow chose to continue to benefit Eme’s Army and Down Syndrome Awareness during their annual football game.

As a part of our Great American Giveback, the Bulldogs won cause game uniforms for the game of their choosing. The cause game uniforms Winslow went with paid homage to Eme’s Army and the Down Syndrome Awareness cause. Funds raised during the game will go on to benefit Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona. According to their website, “The vision of Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona is to provide a world with equal rights and opportunities for all people who have Down syndrome.”

Winslow would play Payson in a battle of 7-1 teams eventually falling in a close game, but the scoreline was a second thought compared to the great night it was raising money for Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona.

The game dates back to 2017. Below are the fan jerseys worn by many attending the event, the team also wore similar jerseys in the game which were donated by Addix as part of winning the 2019 Addix Great American Giveback.

Congratulations to Winslow again on winning the Great American Giveback. It took a community-wide effort to make it happen, and we’re glad to have been a part of a game with such a great cause.

Below is the description of the game from Coach Guzman.

Eme’s Army is a team created by the family of Emersen Leonard to bring awareness to Down syndrome and to raise funds to contribute to the non-profit organization, Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona. SDSA supports families throughout Arizona from the beginning. They provide support through monthly family activities, new parent packets, and one-on-one mentoring. Winslow Football has been a huge support to Eme’s Army! Eme’s big brother is a member of the team and her dad is the Athletic Trainer and part of the coaching staff. The team has dedicated a game each season for the last several years to bringing awareness to Down syndrome and making the community of Winslow more inclusive and educated!

In the tweet below is a picture of the letter sent by Eme to the Winslow football team. All of us at Addix were overjoyed to hear that Eme liked the jerseys. We are glad you liked them Eme!


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