AGAGB Finalists – Who Should You Vote For?

Quick update! We’ve got some crazy finishes happening tonight in our Addix Great American Giveback Finals. Don’t forget to vote across all three platforms, and if you’ve already voted, duplicate votes do not count! So find some family members and get them to vote. Links are HERE.

Red Bracket – Daniel Boone, Stoney Creek, and Canyon Springs all sit within 300 votes of eachother with 12 hours to go. Fairfield Warde certainly has the numbers to put together a run themselves. Stoney Creek jumped from 4th to 2nd on Wednesday with a big push of votes midday.

White Bracket – Tuesday night, Winslow (AZ) got some big help to move from 3rd place to 1st racking up nearly 1,000 votes in 24 hours. They have Aiea (HI) and West Muskingum (OH) right on their trail though. Aiea, whose Instagram numbers have been top across all brackets, are the team currently sitting in 2nd with 12 hours to go.

Blue Bracket – Barring a big push from Sharpstown and South Sumter (it can definitely happen as Winslow has proven), Saginaw Heritage and Twin Valley will be battling it out for first. Heritage held a 70 vote lead on Wednesday morning.

We wanted to highlight the incredible causes here in the final round of our 2019 Fall Addix Great American Giveback. All of these cause events represent a tremendous opportunity to impact their communities. We won’t make the decision for you, but here’s your guide on why you should vote for each school!

White Bracket

Aiea High School

During the month of October, we have been honoring those who have been affected by Cancer. Everyone knows of someone who has Cancer or has died from Cancer, this is our opportunity to show that we support them and that we believe in their struggle and fight. I have had three former coaches, two former players and most recently (last year) a team mom who passed away due to Cancer.


Each year our High School competes with the cross town rival, (one of the longest rivalries in the country). Both schools also compete with the local Food banks to raise money and collect food. The winner collects the most pounds and money, but in all reality both schools are winning by helping the communities. Our game is on Sept 13th this year.


Eme’s Army is a team created by the family of Emersen Leonard to bring awareness to Down syndrome and to raise funds to contribute to the non-profit organization, Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona. SDSA supports families throughout Arizona from the beginning. They provide support through monthly family activities, new parent packets, and one-on-one mentoring. Winslow Football has been a huge support to Eme’s Army! Eme’s big brother is a member of the team and her dad is the Athletic Trainer and part of the coaching staff. The team has dedicated a game each season for the last several years to bringing awareness to Down syndrome and making the community of Winslow more inclusive and educated!

West Muskingum

Our team is very proud to have the opportunity to play the game that we love on Friday nights in Ohio. We have that opportunity because of those who have made the sacrifices to protect our freedoms. Our team would like to honor the people in our community that have served or currently serving in our armed forces.

Note – These are not necessarily the final jerseys.

Blue Bracket

South Sumter Volleyball

From Coach: South Sumter’s Dig For a Cure Game benefits breast cancer awareness. We raise awareness in our school and community by allowing students, parents and businesses enter a team to play. We have drawings, food and fun!


From Coach: “We are surrounded by a community of low-income residents and/or refugees from various countries. One of the many battles that our kids and community faces is homelessness and poverty. Thus, our cause would entail helping the fight against these two big issues!

Sharpstown is also considering holding an event to raise money for cancer awareness.”

Saginaw Heritage

From Coach: “Our Hawks Cross Country team is competing in a contest to win some uniforms to wear in honor of a cause. Many of you know that cancer issues, specifically brain cancer, is one cause that is close to us and we have supported the scholarship in Joana’s name as part of our community and charity service. We decided to enter this contest in Joana’s name and if we win, plan to race in her honor at our October 5th home Invitational. We will also donate a portion of our normal fundraiser monies to her scholarship.”

Twin Valley

From Coach: “We run a yearly game to highlight the fight against cancer. We have partnered with MiniThon club from our school and we get great participation from the community. We have raffles, games for kids, and collect money with a dacne party after the game. One of the boys on the team has a father with pancreatic cancer and we are going to honor him with our game this year. It is a great event that we look forward to expanding every year!”

Note – These are not necessarily the final jerseys. Sharpstown is working on a different jersey design, so this is a placeholder.

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone Area High School is a small school district located in Douglassville, Pennsylvania. DB is a tight-knit, compassionate community that has rallied together to continue to fight through the effects of the most recent economic recession. This grit shows the pride the community and school district have in being Daniel Boone Blazers. Unwavering camaraderie is fully exemplified through the support of scholastic and athletic events. Like most small towns, Friday Night Lights is a tradition enjoyed by all. With our large student section and passionate community that sells out home football games, we establish weekly themes. This year we are going to be hosting a “Breast Cancer Awareness Night” on September 20th. Our community, like many others, has been impacted by all forms of cancer. On this night, we want to come together once again to let those battling cancer know they do not fight alone and to remember and honor those who are no longer with us. The custom uniforms displaying our team’s cause, awarded through this giveaway, would further enhance the night and make it a memorable experience for the entire Daniel Boone Blazer community. Thank you for your time, consideration, and generous giveaway opportunity.

Fairfield Warde

“We have held many nights of fundraisers for many fights, mostly cancer and breast cancer. We want to add this year and are adding a night to fight all heart/stroke related diseases. Many Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers, players and Moms have been affected by Heart disease and Stroke. We are teaming up with The American Heart Association to raise awareness and learn and talk more about the heart and health. We want to change habits and futures of our young men and lend a hand in any way to those who have suffered in some way due to heart related illness. This will take place at our home game celebrating Veterans Day. We hope to make this a special tradition at our school and spread it throughout our league then state.”

Canyon Springs

Kappa Alpha Psi Guide Right Program based in Riverside California and one of our most important missions is making a difference in our community. The Kappa Alpha Psi Guide Right Program serves as a platform to contribute to the community through mentoring, scholarships and leadership development programs for under privileged youth.

Canyon Springs’ Guide Right Game benefits this great organization.

Stoney Creek

“Our game is all about bringing awareness to the community about local charitable causes, but also instilling in our elite young men the importance of giving back and inclusion. That is why the football team at Stoney Creek High School has decided to select Dutton Farm as its charity and “Partner for a Purpose” for its 2019 Cause Game! Coach Nick Merlo and the entire coaching/support staff have done an amazing job of instilling in our young men a sense of community, inclusion and acceptance. All our boys have been taught to find value in each individual and their unique talents. This all aligns beautifully with the mission at Dutton Farm of “Empowering adults with disabilities to live a life of purpose, dignity and inclusion.”

With the partnership they have created, Stoney Creek High School Football will gain the following: • Opportunities for hands-on volunteering at Dutton Farm • Dutton Farm presenting to the team on disability inclusion • Dutton Farm attendance at SCHS home football games as dedicated cheering section • Dutton Farm team members to volunteer for helping at home games

This is not going to be just one game for a cause, but a partnership for a life between these two organizations.”

Note – These are not necessarily the final jerseys. Canyon Springs is working on a different jersey design, so this is a placeholder.