Introducing The New Addix Logo

Happy Holidays to our Addix Customers!

Recently, we announced a new logo for our brand. The new logo has embedded many of the subtleties that were suggested by you during the survey and I would like to point these out.

The Green and Blue is a nod to sustainability (earth and water) and the Addix commitment to the recycling of fabric and our environment.

The upward trajectory with the fast forward chevron depicts our intent to keep moving upward and onward towards our fastest order-to-ship service in the industry at 9 days!

The Logo also resembles a capital “A” for Addix The word “Addix” has been altered significantly to imbed:

a. A Safety pin – a throwback to Wrestling and Addix origins where wrestlers wore pins on their varsity jackets to display their pinning prowess on the mat.

b. The “arrow” between the I and the X as an homage to the Lowell Red Arrows, the hometown sports teams where our factory is located.

c. Title IX. The new design highlights IX for Title 9 and our support for diversity in the sports community.

We launched our new logo last week on our web page and on social media. The new logo will be migrated to our apparel templates over the next several weeks.

We also finalized our new mission statement as follows: “Custom made and customer focused performance apparel – designed and produced by quality driven Addix associates – with the fastest speed to market in in the USA” The full transition will take some time but again I want to thank you for making it real for us, our associates and our customers.

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