Southwest 10 Patriot Games & ACOTW

This week, our ADDIX spotlight of the week belongs to the Southwest 10 Athletic Conference who will be hold their Patriot Games week in September. We will be on FOX 17 Morning Mix with Cassopolis athletic director Matt Brawley on Friday morning at 9:00AM. There will be 17 total events throughout the week in cross country, volleyball, soccer, and football. Patriot games begin September 18th-22nd. The varsity players will play in honor of somebody close to them who has fought in the military. After the games, the players will give their jersey to the veteran that they played for. All proceeds will go the districts local VFW.

Matt Brawley, 6-year athletic director at Cassopolis says “This means a lot to our community. We have had a great response so far and many of our community members have served in the military.”

The original plan was a military game just between Cassopolis and Mendon, but after a meeting, the rest of the SW10 conference agreed it would be great to include all the schools and sports in the conference and dedicate the whole week to honor those who have served this country.

The members of the Southwest 10 Conference are Cassopolis, Decatur, Hartford, Eau Claire, Mendon, White Pigeon, Bangor, Bloomingdale, Centreville, and Marcellus.

All ten members of the Southwest 10 conference are getting customized ADDIX uniforms for cross country, volleyball, soccer, and football each with a military member’s name on the back. An example can be found below. Addix Vice President of Business Development Noel Dean went out to the Southwest 10 and helped coordinate the design of the apparel.

“I would like to thank the Southwest 10 Conference for all of the hard work it has taken to make this happen,” added Brawley. “Glen Sampson from Mendon and Shane Lausch from Eau Claire have been a huge help. Addix has also been extremely helpful with the jersey and guidance with Patriot Games.”

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