Sublimation – What Is It?

You’ve probably heard us talk about sublimation. Maybe you’re wondering what it is all about?

Well if you think back to your science classes, you may remember sublimation being defined as a substance that changes phase from a solid straight to a gas without becoming a liquid. At Addix, when we talk about sublimation it is based on that principal, that is because our dye transitions between a solid and gas phase without going through the liquid stage.

Our sublimation process is easy enough to understand, but it has taken years to perfect to make the sublimated gear we make today!

Basicaly, once your artwork is ready, we print in onto our rolls of giant sublimation paper. We are talking BIG rolls of paper. We then transfered your design from paper to fabric using our heating process. Once your design is on the fabric, we cut it and sew it in house, then your design is a piece of apparel ready to ship out to you!

The benefit of this is being able to create unlimited types of designs. This form of integrated sublimation means your design is bonded to the polyester fabric forever. Your image will never fade, dull, or bleed for the entire life of your garment.

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